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Faster Horses?

> First:  ... to asses the viability of SDR.   

At the conferences, Dayton, etc, SDR has been demonstrated
numerous times and as a modern day ludite myself, I am now
convinced it is a very practical way to go.  Think about it.
EVERYTHING is going digital and for very, very good reasons.  

> Second:   To form a committee... to survey hams...
> on what they want in a future satellite.  

Henry Ford once answered why he did not do public research to
determine exactly what people wanted instead of just boldy
producing millions of the same-old black model T.  His answer
was because  if he had asked everyone, their response would have
been that they wanted a faster horse.

> my opinion....  phase 4...just a diversion...

Getting to space is expensive, and we have to take rides where
we find them, and these opportunites do come and go with the
wind.  But this seems like the first practical one with long
term benefits.  For the first time this approach makes us a
supportable PART of the mission, and not just an inconvenient

I'm all for proceeding down this path.

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