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Re: Bob's Message

Dave Guimont wrote:

>The reason for Echo (a two-user FM voice) escapes me also, Greg.
>To me, money down the tubes...
I'll  agree with that one also,  a whole bird with one "Channel"  seems 
like a HUGE waste.  Cool?  Yeah,,  but single user uh,,  nah.

I'm old skool  oscar 6 & 7  and the old russian birds,  FUN!

In preperation to a long distance balloon flight coming from Arizona 
soon,  I  experienced PSK31  for the first time the other day,  and what 
a cool mode!

Just now I was listening for the test beacon for the balloon,  with a 
"Online"  reciever,  not even my own,  that has a generaic all  band 
antenna so it can listen from 500Khz  to 50 Mhz,  imaging the efficiency 
of that antenna!?  Anyway  with this rig tuened to the beacons freq of 
14070.45KHz  it's amazing,  using Digipan  as the software,  i was 
watching and reading 16 QSO's  happening all  at the same time on the 
one audio passband!  People can be like 50 cycles away and have perfect 

is this mode used on the birds much?  what a bandwidth saver.

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