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Re: Phase 4 versus Eagle

Bob and all,
Could you estimate how long it will take to be ready for a launch
opportunity for(a) Phase 4 and (b) for Eagle (assuming you have the funds
to build everything needed for the one selected to go first)?

The merits of one versus the other is only relevant if they're both
realistic options, and I know that that is not clear now.  So going down a
path from which you can move in either direction makes sense.  My surprise
is that there appears to be a strong presumption in some of the messages
that Phase 4 should be the higher priority.  That may be the case, but I
don't think we've been given enough information to agree with it or
disagree with it.

By the way, will the higher power made available on Intelsat mean that a
Phase 4 bird will need a much higher power output?  If so, are there any
implications for the design?

Tony, N2UN

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