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Re: 144 Mhz contact made using ISS as passive reflector

Yep, think the HAM signal would be minute compared to what it gets
hit with from the NAVSPASUR,  USA Radar on 216.980Mhz !!

Geelong, Australia.

Already discussed on the MoonNet reflector:

Subject: Re: [Moon-net] ISS communicaton  NOT a GOOD idea !!!!

Hi Steve ,

Even our "big" signals are small when they arrive up there .
Assume you use 1kw and 20dB antenna gain , this makes an ERP of 100kw or 80
dBm ERP, once your signal is +/- 600km further then you have about -130dB
less power due the path loss (on 144MHz)  , this means that your signal
arrives at ISS with a level of -50dBm , so nothing to worry about .

Best regards,
Kenny ON4DPX

At 07:49 PM 12/11/2007, Greg D. wrote:

>I thought of doing this back in October, when all the Sputnik-1 / 
>early satellite discussion was happening.  Echo-1, and all 
>that.  But, I would think that NASA (if not the crew) would frown on 
>a bunch of folks on the ground hurling a few megawatts EIRP at their 
>home in outer space.  If Bob had to have a bazillion levels of 
>safety in place for the little PCSAT-2 transmitter, I would think 
>this would be right up there in the safety category, no?
>I haven't done the math yet...  Are we far enough away that 1/x**2 saves us?
>Greg  KO6TH

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