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Re: Bob's Message


The Intelsat opportunity is just that, an opportunity. It's not a sure thing
so the Eagle project will be the backup. In either case we are looking at
multiple launches. I have discussed this with Intelsat making it clear that
two or three satellites over the Atlantic, Pacific and over the Americas
would be good for AMSAT. We could then consider ways to link them, probably
by using AMSAT assets on the ground.

If it turns out that we get a P3 launch we will pursue multiple launches as
described in our strategy statements from the past three years. Ether way
the goals are the same - 24 hour/day wide area coverage for our members.

Finding these opportunities is a huge job and closing a deal for any launch
can take years of hard work. It is also largely behind the scenes work due
to the sensitive issues involved so the membership only see a fraction of
the work. I ask people to be patient and trusting as we are doing our best
with limited volunteer resources. 


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I hope the original Eagle project will also continue albeit delayed slightly
(the original hopes were of course for two Eagle satellites, I guess we're
talking about one). 

I recognise there isn't a limitless pool of money or volunteers. 

The opportunity that currently exists with Intelsat is simply too good to

Even if the eventual orbit of the first Phase 4 payload doesn't cover the
British Isles I still believe that AMSAT-NA should press ahead with it as
first priority. 

If the first payload is successfull it will open the way for others in the
future. If we pass on the Intelsat option we will not get a second chance. 

73 Trevor M5AKA

--- "Rick Hambly (W2GPS)" <w2gps@cnssys.com> wrote:

> Jeff,
> Just to clarify two points in your message. A cheap launch may cost over
> $6M, not just $1M.
> The Phase 4 rideshare opportunity is a simplified Eagle, not a new
> Thus it is easier to build than Eagle and the only effect on the Eagle
> project is a realignment of project priorities, putting an emphasis on the
> communications modules. The overall Eagle project could still continue if
> so desire.
> Rick
> AMSAT President
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> Friends,
> We've had little information about the P4 opportunity since the 
> Symposium. But reading between the lines and reading N4HY's message of 
> today it seems that most of us are missing what they are trying to 
> tell us ...
> There aren't **any** easy/cheap/free rides to HEO to be had. That ship 
> has sailed and everything that we ever knew about the launch business
> has changed.
> I'm not trying to put words in anyone's mouth here, but I take it from 
> Bob's message and the solicitation letter from President Hambly that 
> there is really no apparent option to launch Eagle without doing 
> something radically different.
> Assuming that we could pay for even a cheap launch, it might cost a 
> million dollars if we were just paying customers. Think about that -- 
> a MILLION dollars. Maybe more. After two years of raising money for 
> Eagle we are up to what, $70K?
> At this rate it would take a decade or more to raise enough funds to 
> launch Eagle if AMSAT continues on the published path. This isn't 
> about digging a little deeper -- this is about reality.
> I get the impression that if some agreement isn't worked out with 
> someone -- like is being discussed with the P4 opportunity -- we won't 
> get back to HEO. Ever. Unless the satellite business changes.
> Those who think that the option is to EITHER finish Eagle and launch 
> it, OR work on P4 seem to be missing the point -- the first option may
> now be more dream than a viable option.
> I would be pleased to learn that I am reading this all wrong because 
> my *only* satellite interest is in a high-orbit bird and my hopes for 
> seeing another in my lifetime are beginning to fade.
> It's now been over 11 years since we had AO-13 and it's becoming a fond,
> distant memory...
> -- 
> 73 de Jeff

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