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Re: Putting The Cart Before The Horse

>With all due respect, I suggest that you may not be adequately informed. Did
>you attend the Annual Symposium to find out what is really going on? Have
>you visited the AMSAT Lab yet? Have you attended an AMSAT Board meeting or
>written to the Board members to get more information? Do you read the
>project reports in the Journal? If you think things are headed down the
>wrong path then I recommend that you get informed and get personally
>involved. I think you will find that some of your perceptions are correct
>(very little is done yet) and some are not (the cart [is] before the horse).
>AMSAT President
>Rick one of the duties of the executive is to keep the membership informed,
>not everyone can attend the Board Meetings or the Annual meeting and
>Symposium or visit the Lab, Yes Fred May not be adequately informed but I
>believe that is a function of the Executive " to ensure that all members
>have the up-to-date information presented to them on a regular Basis. How
>else can we expect the membership to contribute towards the AMSAT projects.
>Robin Haighton VE3FRH
>Immediate Past President AMSAT

Yay, Robin!! You kept us all very informed, and that was the case 
right thru your outstanding performance as president....

I don't know what or why the change either??

I have never seen the development of "attitudes" degrade as much 
since I became a member in 1980...What "hoppened"???

Leanore and I attended every convention we could, and Leanore 
assisted in developing and serving at the one in San Diego.  Some 
remember we did the jewelry contests for years, just to maybe 
interest some of the wives to attend also...It seemed to work...

Now we just quit going....

            73, Dave, WB6LLO

                    Disagree: I learn....

               Pulling for P3E... 

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