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An optimistic viewpoint on HEO

Quoting "Rick Hambly (W2GPS)" <w2gps@cnssys.com>:

> Jeff,
> Just to clarify two points in your message. A cheap launch may cost
> over
> $6M, not just $1M.
> The Phase 4 rideshare opportunity is a simplified Eagle, not a new
> project.
> Thus it is easier to build than Eagle and the only effect on the Eagle
> project is a realignment of project priorities, putting an emphasis on
> the
> communications modules. The overall Eagle project could still continue
> if we
> so desire.


It has been apparent to me for some time that the missing part of the
equation has been launch opportunities. If the board has made progress
toward securing some sort of HEO orbit for our payloads, this is not a
diversion of their efforts; rather it brings us closer to our goal of
communicating over wide distances using traditional (U/V SSB) and novel
(advanced digital package) modes. I have to say that even though I've not
attended the Symposium, I feel properly informed about these things.

Secondly, it should be noted that the team working with SSETI to provide
S-band communications on SSETI ESEO have also found a means to launch
amateur packages to HEO: namely, by supporting government-funded
educational projects. Though the result will probably have a less-powerful
signal than AO-13 et al., we should include this in our discussion of
future HEO amateur capabilities and applaud them for their resourcefulness.

Finally, it's time to start getting excited about Delfi-C3. The PSLV launch
window is 7 - 10 January for this large cubesat whose comm package will,
after it completes its experiments, be turned over to amateur use in mode
U/V. If you miss the challenge of HEO communication, why not apply your
station to collecting data for Delfi-C3 and then enjoying the QRP satellite
communication through this bird? By doing so, we will prove to those who
are developing educational birds that by collaborating with amateurs they
stand to gain a great deal in data collection. 

73, Bruce 
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