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Re: Phase 5

As a long-time member of AMSAT-NA starting with AO-6, I can agree 
with the point that I hope the existing projects maintain their 
momentum toward launch.  Both P3E and Eagle should be seen into orbit 
according to their project schedule, whether or not P4 happens.

They should be seen as the fulfillment of the mission since 
OSCAR-1.  Certainly, they will offer a great resource to the world's 
amateur satellite community.  P5A is a German government funded 
project (as I understand it) and is a great opportunity to extend the 
amateur satellite experience off-world into interplanetary 
space.  Already many hams are building (DSN) receivers and antennas 
that are successfully copying government space probes out beyond the 
local earth orbit.  P5A will present a big challenge to us satellite 
users that may eventually become a practical lesson for establishing 
amateur radio on or near the Moon or beyond.

Ultimately, P4 offers a major asset to ham radio, and I hope it also 
comes into full existence.  Each mission offers its unique benefits 
that do not detract from the whole.  Small Cubesats (and other Leos) 
will probably be continued best built by the Universities and other 
organizations that can secure launch space.  We need to support each 
as much as we are able, since in the end these all are benefiting ham 
radio in some degree or manner.

This is a big vision!  Certainly, we need to keep project 
management(s) on course for each.  AMSAT members and the satellite 
community at large should continue to overview the directions they 
go.  After all we are the ultimate users for much of the missions.  I 
hope we are major supporters, as well.  That can take many forms, and 
I will not bore you by listing them.

Best wishes for the future of Satellite Ham Radio...its looking good!

73 Ed - KL7UW
AMSAT Field Op in Alaska
member #3212

At 04:36 AM 12/11/2007, John Marranca, Jr wrote:
>Point taken.  I have seen it on the AMSAT-DL website.  One can only wonder
>As a VP of AMSAT-NA, what are your feelings about it?  I'm not trying to be
>a trouble-maker.  I'm sure any of these projects has valuable technical
>merit.  It just seems as though a satellite organization would place an
>emphasis on building satellites to communicate.
>If I offended you, I apologize whole-heartedly.
>John KB2HSH
>John Marranca, Jr
>PBX Technician/Shop Steward CWA Local 1122
>BN Systems, Inc
>Orchard Park, NY
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Ed - KL7UW
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