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Re: RS14/Oscar 21

Thanks for the input, Drew.

You are correct in suggesting that new satellites be built.  In taking a
count this morning, it seems that the number of "normally and regularly
operating" satellites is dwindling.  I count 3 FM satellites, 2 linear
transponders, and 4 APRS/PacSats...with one that will be re-entering, one
that will be hibernating, one that isn't consistent, and one that is still a
bloody mystery to me (GO-32)...hihi.  If I missed any, then I will stand as
corrected...but it seems as though there there used to be many more birds to
choose from.

Another super-satellite such as what AO-40 should have been would be nice,
but let's face it: they are really expensive and perhaps a bit too
complicated.  Instead of one monster satellite, why not build many smaller
ones?  Less sophisticated ones?  Perhaps 2 FM sats(with 2 simultaneous
channels rather than one),  2 linear sats, and 2 APRS or PacSats...and build
into them modes that are commonly used...such as Mode B or Mode J.  Sure,
Mode L and S sound fun, but how many satellite operators even HAVE the gear
for these more exotic modes?

It is my opinion, and I respect all opinions and points of view pertaining
to this, that the "super-satellite" be saved for the Phase 4/Geo-sync bird.

In the interim, I think we need simple satellites that work.



John Marranca, Jr
PBX Technician/Shop Steward CWA Local 1122
BN Systems, Inc
Orchard Park, NY
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