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Re: Where can I buy pre-made feedline?

--- Rick Mann <rmann@latencyzero.com> wrote:

> I'm using a small butane torch, and vice grips on either side of the  
> holes. I tried tinning the braided shield beforehand with my electric  
> iron (a nice Metcal), but even that melts the dielectric if I'm not  
> extremely careful (and I don't think it's bonding well to the foil  
> shield).

Just a comment on this.  I use the following procedure to
solder PL-259s.

1. Always use silver plated connectors.  The solder flows better.

2. Use a small soldering iron to lightly tin the shield.  I use a
33 watt Ungar with a chisel tip.  Solder will flow extremely 
quickly across the shield with this element.  Just do it in quick
stripes and don't try to make a thick coating.  Thinner is better.
You may have to look twice to see where it's tinned and where
it's not.

3. Screw the coax into the PL-259 and use a 140 watt gun to
solder the holes to the tinned braid.  Give enough time between
each hole to let the connector cool down.  Maybe use a pair of
pliers to cool it quicker.

4. Use the iron again to solder the center conductor after it's
all cool again.

The key to this is using enough concentrated heat to be able
to solder through the hole to the shield, so that you don't
have to heat the whole PL-259 to melting temps.  Of course, 
I do have the occasional problem, but this has worked pretty 
well for me for years.

Bob - AE6RV
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