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Re: Where can I buy pre-made feedline?

On Dec 6, 2007, at 11:17 AM, Dave Guimont wrote:

> I can't imagine using anything but "N" connectors on anything
> outside,to the point of changing the connector on the antenna if
> necessary.  At any power level...
> And of course it is done because of their mechanical and electrical
> superiority.  And to improve both, secure them to something that will
> prohibit flexing at the connector.
> Anything below VHF is ok with PL259's inside, but at VHF and above,
> inside, I replace the radio connector with an "N".  That may be
> "gilding the lily".....

I have a brand-new Icom IC-910H. It has PL-259 on its VHF connector  
and N on the UHF. I have a duplexer with matching connectors, and  
PL-259 on its output. It is this that I am trying to connect to a  
single dual-band vertical antenna (Diamond X-30, something like  
that?). (I also have an Arrow II dual-band hand-held Yagi, limited to  
20 W).

I don't know how feasible it is to replace the connectors. I would  
*love* it if all used N, but they don't. I could buy pre-made N- 
connector feedlines, but then I need an adapter, and that might result  
in more loss than it's worth.

If I could successfully solder them, it'd be great, but I simply  
cannot get solder to flow without first melting the outer jacket (I  
see it move and ooze where it exits the connector), and who knows how  
bad the foam dielectric is at this point?

I'm using a small butane torch, and vice grips on either side of the  
holes. I tried tinning the braided shield beforehand with my electric  
iron (a nice Metcal), but even that melts the dielectric if I'm not  
extremely careful (and I don't think it's bonding well to the foil  

How hard is it to replace the one PL-259 connector on the IC-910H with  
an N?


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