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Re: Where can I buy pre-made feedline?

Edward Cole wrote:
> I have just assembled PL-259's without soldering the shield and they 
> seem to work (tested only with SWR meter).  But without solder the 
> contact will deteriorate over time as the copper braid oxidizes.  Not 
> so bad if only used for inside connections.  Since compression is 
> used with other style connectors this may work fine.  I would just be 
> sure to thoroughly wx-seal any connectors that will be outside.  Then 
> time will tell if this method is good.  Soldering all the holes in 
> the PL-259 seals the connector from moisture intrusion (if taped).

Not soldering the braid seems to me like it could cause a big problem if 
you use a proper service entrance panel and polyphasers for lightning 
protection.  You need a good shield connection for grounding.  Granted, 
not many hams do the grounding/protection "properly" at home, but then 
again -- a lot of hams lose gear to lightning that probably wouldn't be 
lost if built properly.

It would also seem that if the shield has a questionable ground, you 
wouldn't get as much protection from other high RF noise sources in the 
local vicinity from the shield.

The partially or un-grounded shield could also become an IM generator in 
the form of metal-on-metal contact that's not solid.  Not a problem in 
most home installations, but bad practice in general.

Nate WY0X
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