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Re: Where can I buy pre-made feedline?

> I would've like to use N connectors, but the equipment has PL-259, and  
> I don't want the losses from an adapter.

Because of the reputation of PL-259 connectors above 2 meters, i doubt you
will find commercially made feedline with high quality coax and PL-259
connectors.  But unless you can completely keep water out of your fancy
coax (or even 9913), after a modest number of years, it may end up having
worse loss than RG-8...  And the popular wisdom is that even N-connectors
are hard enough to make water tight.

Here's a compromise: Use N-connectors outside, where you NEED things to
be weather-resistant, and use whatever-matches-your-radio inside.  The
only problem with that is you'll probably have to make this feedline
yourself, or maybe find someone locally who can do it for you.

By the way, a satellite radio having PL-259 for 2 meters and N-connector
for 70 cm may not be such a bad thing; it makes it harder to plug in the
wrong antennas.  Nonetheless, you might also think about which is likely
to have greater losses at 70cm and above, a homemade PL-259 plug or an
adapter to an N-connector.  73's and good luck!

			       -- KD6PAG 

P.S.  N-connectors and PL-259's share this characteristic:  Some people
swear by them and other people swear at them...
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