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Re: Request for online sources of antenna modeling stuff

Steve - W4RNL's site is s good place to start.

< www.cebik.com >

  "Antennas" (2nd edition), a book by John Kraus (W8JK), has a good  
section on the method of moments, often used in antenna modeling. You  
can find a copy at most technical libraries. Not quite on line, but  

Volume 1 (I think Vol 1, this is from memory) of the NEC-2 users  
manual has a good tutorial on the mathematics behind the model.  
Green's Functions and all that.

< http://www.nec2.org/ >

The ARRL has a course in antenna modeling it starts every month.  
Costs $85 though and I am not sure how much math it has. I suspect  
not much. Let us know if you need more leads.

Does your wife's prof know you are doing the leg work for her  
homework for her? :^)= - Dr. MEgacycle KK6MC/5

James Duffey KK6MC/5
Cedar Crest NM 87008

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