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Performance of IC-471?

Hi list, I'm still working hard at my station and saving pennies. I 
caught an SO-50 pass
the other day (though there was terrible howling signal the whole time 
and I couldn't copy
any voice) and I'm getting ready to mast mount my 70cm preamp.

I'm currently shopping for a competent 70cm all-mode, as I believe my 
Icom 208H and PCR100s
are just not sensitive or selective enough to do the job. The reason I'm 
drawn to the 471 are its
single band construction with robust filtering, I already have a mint 
271a and think the 471 would match well,
and the through-hole construction means that I have a shot at preserving 
my investment via future repairs, barring
any blown out-of-production ICs of course.

Can anybody comment as to the suitability and/or performance of the ol' 
471 on satellite? I imagine it's
pretty decent, possibly great with a proper alignment/tuneup. I've read 
things about people modding the front
end of 251/451's which is just one generation prior, and I am somewhat 
familiar with the 271 front end so I imagine
I can play around with some silicon swaps on the front end to boost the 
performance if it's needed later
(which I doubt with a good radio and a mast-mount preamp).

Down the road after I get a good job I want to set up a 275/475 station 
but of course you all know the price tag
on those beauties. I figure a 271/471 pair will keep me happy for as 
many years as it takes to find my '75 "twins".

73, hope to get TRX on the birds soon, and I appreciate any insight.

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