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Re: Satellite Rigs, whats available

I'd recommend the Yaesu FT-847 over the Icom for these reasons:

1.  The 847 has 160M thru 70cm in one box.  This means that when AO7
comes up in mode A, you don't have to use a separate rig for the 10M
downlink.  You'll have all the other bands as well, 160, 80, 60, 40, 30,
20, 17, 15, 12, 10, & 6 meters, as well as 2 meters and 70cm

2.  The 847, which is out of production, can be had for much less money
than an IC910.  I got mine for about $850.  I typically see 910's
selling used, without the 1.2GHz option, for about $1,000.

3.  You can more easily find and install a different mike on an 847,
since they don't require a special type of mike.

4.  The IC910s I've dealt with tend to develop a situation where the
displayed frequency does not match the actual frequency.  2 meters is
usually about 3 KHz off while 70cm gets about 9 KHz off.  This can get
nasty to use for someone who's not familiar with the rig.

5.  CAT control of the rig is as simple as running a null-modem cable
from the back of the rig to a serial port on your computer.  The 910H
requires a CTV or whatever they call it to interface to your computer.

6.  While it doesn't have a 1.2GHz option, you can still use a
transverter, which tends to be much less expensive than the Icom 1.2GHz
optional unit.

7.  It is also packet-ready, as well as all the other digital modes.

8.  DSP filtering is built-in and comes standard.

9.  Less menu driven than the Icom unit.

In short, the 847 is more versatile, easier to interface with the rest
of your station, and less expensive than the Icom. 

73 de W0HV, Jim in Raymore, MO (ex-N8AU)

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Other than my old Drake B-line twins with the 2-meter transmit and
receive converters (think RS-10/11, RS-12/13, and RS-15), I have only
used the Icom IC-275/475H combo and the 910H.  After borrowing a 910 for
Field Day one year, I immediately went out and bought my own.  I didn't
even look at anything else, and I love it.  Sensitive RX, plenty of TX
power when needed, 1.2 GHz with the optional UX-910, easy to interface
to the computer, 9600 packet-ready, and great for terrestrial work as
well.  I have the DSP and high-stability options in mine, as well.

George, KA3HSW

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>Satellite Rigs, what?s available
>I am planning on building a new satellite club station
>for an organization.  I am now putting together a bid
>for the club satiaton.  The only glitch is what radio
>to use.
>The primary usage for this satellite club station will
>be FM Satellites and Leo?s.
>I would prefer to use a dedicated Satellite Rig and
>not a HF rig with 2 meters and 440 stuffed in.
>I have used the Icom-910 and the legendary Yaseu
>FT-736R.  The Yaseu FT-736R has been out of production
>for many years, however I am seriously considering buy
>a few for the club station on the used market.  The
>built in FM center tuning meter and the Normal and
>Narrow FM filers make it ideal for this type of setup.
>So what is out that that?s new?
>Thanks, Miles wf1f
>PS,  ISS was back on Packet last night 145.825


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