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Re: Satellite Rigs, whats available

Other than my old Drake B-line twins with the 2-meter transmit and receive converters (think RS-10/11, RS-12/13, and RS-15), I have only used the Icom IC-275/475H combo and the 910H.  After borrowing a 910 for Field Day one year, I immediately went out and bought my own.  I didn't even look at anything else, and I love it.  Sensitive RX, plenty of TX power when needed, 1.2 GHz with the optional UX-910, easy to interface to the computer, 9600 packet-ready, and great for terrestrial work as well.  I have the DSP and high-stability options in mine, as well.

George, KA3HSW

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>Satellite Rigs, what’s available
>I am planning on building a new satellite club station
>for an organization.  I am now putting together a bid
>for the club satiaton.  The only glitch is what radio
>to use.
>The primary usage for this satellite club station will
>be FM Satellites and Leo’s.
>I would prefer to use a dedicated Satellite Rig and
>not a HF rig with 2 meters and 440 stuffed in.
>I have used the Icom-910 and the legendary Yaseu
>FT-736R.  The Yaseu FT-736R has been out of production
>for many years, however I am seriously considering buy
>a few for the club station on the used market.  The
>built in FM center tuning meter and the Normal and
>Narrow FM filers make it ideal for this type of setup.
>So what is out that that’s new?
>Thanks, Miles wf1f
>PS,  ISS was back on Packet last night 145.825

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