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Re: [eu-amsat] Satellite DX


I suggest each and every one of us sends the relavant mail to every national society requesting it be published in their magazine/newsletter to attempt to generate satellite interest in the countries where there is coverage but no operation.

There are several countries where a potential newcomer could "rake-in" the satellite certificates quicker than you can say "AO-7 is a damned good satellite when it's used properly".

Again, I've batted this over to the States in case they suffer from the same kind of inactivity in some of the states.

Let's educate! a few new operators ... not blind 'em with science.

73 John.   <la2qaa@amsat.org>

To: eu-amsat@yahoogroups.com
From: sv1bsx@yahoo.gr
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 12:30:24 +0200
Subject: Re: [eu-amsat] Satellite DX



 Good morning John & Group,
you have absolutely right about DXing and AO-7. My 
location is a mere example, it's in very good position for orbits over West 
& Middle Asia.  Africa too.
However, the Satellite traffic above these areas is very 
Except of some former Soviet-Union countries (but 
just a few), the rest Asia is like a Ham-desert. I have sent several times 
Emails, for example to Indian hams requesting a 
sked in order  to make a contact with VU. Nothing at all !  And 
keep in mind, VU-land is a new-one for me on 
Satellites - but "NO luck" ! (..and my surspise is big enough especially with 
VU, as this country has in orbit a HAM Satellite - see VO-52)!
 I don't know if the Afganistan & 
Pakistan have anyone active on Sats. I don't think so. Also the Middle 
East, just a few peoples they are active, I remember 
the 4X & OD-lands.
 Africa?  he he.... here is the real desert 
!  TR8CA was active, but he is not anylonger. ZS-land has several peoples, 
but never I heard somebody on AO-7. And it's a real DX 
that for me, over 7000 Km !
  Therefore, I agree with your comment however I'm 
"too much DXCC entities but.... just a few peoples" !!! 

Ironically, the 1/4 of planet seems to be without 
population !

Q: could be the EU-AmSat Group the campaign leader (with 
Emails etc), in order to activate some peoples from these countries on AO-7 
 It's a good challenge, I think.
Have a nice day
73 de Mak, SV1BSX

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  John Hackett 
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  Sent: Friday, November 30, 2007 
  Subject: [eu-amsat] Satellite DX
Stop whinging! ...

No DX you say ... have a look at the 
  AO-7 orbit 51201 on Friday the 30th of November 2007 from 05:55 to 

This orbit covered more sixty !!! entities (DXCC 
  countries) including northeast China, Mongolia, northern India,  
  Pakistan, Afghanistan, 
all 18 of the earlier Soviet republics, the entire 
  European continent, the entire Middle East and most of the central and north 
  African countries.

No DX? ... Rubbish !!!.

I battet this 
  over to the Amsat-bb so our American friends can see what "can" be worked from 

I'm sure certain orbits would allow most of the states and 
  even parts of central America on some orbit (?) ... I'm just too bone-idle to 
  check it out.

73 John.   


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