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Re: GeneSat still alive

In a message dated 24/11/2007 12:17:24 GMT Standard Time,  
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just received the following  frames:


Hello Mike.  Looks like their command station refit has finished  and they 
are operational again.  Apparently it's possible to e-mail them  and get a 
schedule for the beacon.
Mission Operations Log Summaries  
10/16/07 - The ops team was finally able to get back into  the SRI station 
although some work remains to be done (like re-installing the  UHF feed). Two 
contacts were run today, lde by the fearless I. Mas.  The  beacon was re-enabled 
and verified, and state of health data was downloaded  given the extended 
time over the past 2 months during which no operations were  run.  Satellite bus 
health is nominal, and the previously observed  payload temperature control 
anomaly continues (again, we note that the anomaly  is for a function that is no 
longer needed to support the mission).  A  new ops trainees participated in 
the contacts and showed off by hand-tracking  the beacon with a hand-held 
antenna and transceiver (nice job Jose!).   Post-pass logging was initiated via the 
internet from Munich! We currently  plan to run the next set of contacts next 
week, and the ops team is working  with the engineering team to establish a 
set of end-of-life test objectives.  CK 
Mid-August through Mid-October Summary - The SRI station  is unavailable 
during this time for maintenance, retrofit, and other test  operations.  The 
beacon will be shut off during this period. CK 
Early August 2007 Ops Summary - The ops team is training  several new mission 
controllers for educational purposes as well as initial  training for the 
team's next satellite, PharmaSat.  The team is  retrieving routine health data 
and is also conducting power stress tests  (which occasionally require the 
beacon to be turned off) in order to assess  the power generation capabilities of 
the system.  The satellite bus  health is nominal. Payload health is good with 
the exception of the payload  temperature control process (temp is below 
setpoint, the control loop is  activated, but a much lower than nominal heater 
current draw exists); we will  monitor this system and develop a plan to evaluate 
the heater FET and/or other  possible root causes.  No operations during the 
week of Aug 12 given the  attendance of most of the team at the AIAA Conference 
on Small Satellites  (which includes presentation of several GeneSat-1 
related papers). CK 
July 2007 Ops Summary - Only limited operations conducted  in July due to 
routine maintenance with the SRI station and its use to support  other studies.  
Satellite beacon off. CK

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