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Re: TNC Recommendation

Hi John, 

Living in the US makes buying an overseas satellite-ready tnc (or dsp based modem/tnc) quite expensive these days.

Right now, I'd put 2 at the top of my list (either one is fine, user choice):

The Paccomm Spirit-2 *Satellite model* (good to 38k4 packet!)  


The Kantronics KPC-9612+ (also good to 38k4!)

The poor exchange rates and international shipping make the other choices MUCH more expensive for something you really may never need.  You can run 9600 baud digital birds just fine with either unit.  And, if you get hooked ;)  they will move up to 38k4 packet when you're ready.

My $0.02 :)

Maybe I'll see you Sunday at JARSFEST!!!  Hoping to attend.



TNC Reccomendation 

    • Subject : [amsat-bb] TNC Reccomendation 
    • From : "John Henderson" < jah@xxxxxxxxx > 
    • Date : Mon, 12 Nov 2007 19:07:14 -0500 

I would like to get into the digital sats and would like some ideas on TNC
to consider. I looked at the MFJ web site but it appears they have
discontinued many of their models. Also looking KAM but have no idea which
one to pick. Appears major deltas are baud rates 1200 vs 9600.

Thanks for any ideas or things to consider.



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