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Re: Help please from folks with soundcard "TNCs"

All of my home computers run Linux. On that platform I use soundmodem as the packet modem, the AX.25 utilities suite for BBS connections and whatnot, Xastir for APRS data plotting, and a mess of little apps I wrote myself UI messaging via the birds.

My laptop dual-boots win2000, and on that I use AGW Packet Engine as the packet modem, WinPack for connected stuff, and Xastir and the aforementioned homebrew apps (running under Cygwin) for UI/APRS.

I use Predict for satellite tracking on both.

By the way, for anyone who might have experience in the matter, I have had trouble getting soundmodem to decode anything other than 1200 baud AFSK. 300 baud seems to work via FM but not SSB; 9600 baud FSK and 1200 baud PSK don't work at all. Oddly enough, however, they all (seem to) transmit perfectly. Has anyone run into a problem like this? Is there a solution?

-Joe, N8FQ

On Wed, 14 Nov 2007 21:38:54 -0600
"Ed Tump" <ed@squaretfarm.com> wrote:

> Folks,
> I had a few replies to my last email on those using sound cards for packet
> radio. For those that are using their sound card, please let me know what
> type(s) of software you have used for APRS, local traffic, and the sats
> (1200,9600). I did go online and buy a sound card interface for my Yaesu.
> Just have to wait for it to get here. I bought it from buxcom.com
> I had a few replies buy stupid me hit the wrong key and poof those replies
> were gone.
> Warm regards,
> Ed
> KC9GWK Grid EN52
> AmSat Member

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