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Re: AO-27 schedule issue


> On the JAVA 21:09:59 ( WEB 21:16:02 ) Analog ON over NA this afternoon I
> monitored the switch to digital that follows the 7 minute Analog segment and
> Analog OFF occurred at 21:16:42.  The Java version predicted 21:16:59 - out
> by only 17 seconds.
> I would conclude that the Java version is Okay and the Web is wrong.

For what it's worth, the AO-27 web site was providing the same schedule as the
Java program between mid-September (last time the schedule data was
uploaded to the satellite) and the end of October.  Early this month,
possibly on
the 1st, the 6-minute discrepancy between schedules appeared.  Other than
the fact the AO-27 onboard clock runs fast (noted on the AO-27 web site), it
appears that the Java program consistently provides the most-accurate

Issues related to the schedule aside, AO-27 still sounds good.  It's
been nice to
have this satellite working since January, even with its limitations.
Its passes fit
in nicely between the AO-51 morning and evening passes, with a good turnout
for almost every pass.


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