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Re: Orbitron Help

I had considerable problems with Orbitron during our recent 'time zone 

One thing to suggest is to right-click on your system clock and "Adjust 
Date/Time..." then go to the "Internet Time" tab and sync with one of 
the listed NTP servers. This will set your PC clock to +/- 1 second or 
so of proper time.

Also ensure your time zone is set - since we're past all possible time 
changes, you need to set it 'correctly'.

Finally, make sure the Orbitron time zone settings are correct.

> If the satellite position is same in the two predictions, but the 
> azimuth and elevation are different, then the difference must be in 
> the position of YOUR STATION.  Perhaps you have entered the station 
> position incorrectly?  I'm not familiar with Orbitron, but a common 
> problem with many programs is confusing east longitude with west longitude.
> On the other hand, when you say "they look the same by eye", that may 
> not be the best comparison method.  How accurately have you set your 
> PC's clock?  Low orbiting satellites move over your station quite 
> quickly.  You want time to be set within a few seconds of the correct 
> value.  You don't want to be a few minutes off.

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