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Re: Simulated Emergency Test via Satellite

Simulated Satellite Emergency Test:

I now see 74 PCSAT-1 users in the last 24 hours on

I cannot count up the SSET emails till I get to work on Monday,  but of those 74 users, 50 of them have sent about 822 messages via PCSAT-1 or ANDE or GO32 or maybe even ARISS over the weekend (2-4 Nov). 

By the way, this is NOT just APRS hardware and software.  Anyone with a TNC and a radio can send their SSET checkin email.  Just set your TNC BTEXT as follows:

BT :EMAIL....:YOUR_EMAIL@WHATEVER.COM checking in for SSET!...

Oh, replace the 4 dots after the word EMAIL with four spaces.
The above format is an APRS message that will get ingested into the global APRS system and will get emailed to your_EMAIL (or any other email address you specify).


Set beacon to once every minute if attended until you see success.  If unattended, set to once every 5 minutes.

If successful, you will receive that message via your EMAIL.  This demonstrates your ability to enter a EMAIL and or position and or status from anywhere on the planet in case of emergency TO any email address..

Join the SSET (Satellite Simulated Emergency Test)!


> Having heard no objections to the proposed Satellite
> Simulated Emergency Test, we are proceeding with 
> the APRS satellite part of the test:
> http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/sset.html
> -----Original Message-----
> What is needed for this new opportunity is encouraging 
> a mind set... Towards... emeregency preparedness.
> I am thinking AMSAT (we) need to do more emergency 
> service preparations and tests with our satellites.  
> Not only will that test our capabilities, but we 
> will also need to demonstrate our emergency response 
> capabilities as a group to help sell the new
> P4 concept to the supporters of this new Geo initiative.
> Can we work up a SSET, Satellite Simulated Emergency 
> Test?  Something AMSAT can do to get this bandwagon 
> rolling.  Here's a web page on what I am thinking:
> http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/sset.html
> For the APRS satellites, everyone with an APRS station, 
> or D7 or D700 mobile would try to send an EMAIL 
> reporting location and status via satellite from the 
> field.
> For the PACSAT message birds, similarly send a message 
> reporting status from the field.
> For the Voice birds, have a net control take check-in
> status from as many field stations as possible.  
> I hope I'm not not re-inventing someone's wheel.  SET 
> was in October and I am not a routine satellite 
> operator, but I do think we need field preparedness.  
> This is not another Field day contest.  But this is 
> different.  We will have good powerful net controls 
> taking as many low-power check-ins as possible to
> demonstrate our capability to handle emergency traffic 
> from anywhere.  By my count, there is a LEO satellite 
> pass on average at least once an hour most of the day 
> long.  Plenty of time during a 2 day test for eveyone 
> to checkin.
> With PCSAT-1 returning to service for the next two 
> weeks, I would propose to do this during the 2nd week 
> in November.  And to schedule it monthly from then on.  
> Sign up net controls for the FM birds, etc...
> Field Operations IS part of this new P4 opportunity.  
> Lets start exercising...
> And you can do this all from  your mobile without a PC!
> See my draft web page...
> http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/sset.html
> Bob, WB4APR

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