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Re: Quadrifilar Helices

>Someone replied to me off-list (thinking I was the person who wanted
>information on the helix antennas after my Red Green style "duct tape"
>comment) with a commercial offer for his helix antennas.
>Fairly unimpressive, since whoever it was both picked the wrong person
>to reply to, and is also using the list to troll for "customers".
>Not going to bother to say who it was -- but I'm not impressed.  I just
>deleted it to save myself from replying and saying something obnoxious
>to the person directly.

Good response, Nate.....99.9% of us resent these dorks that use any 
portion of ham radio for their profit!!

Innovations, and helpful tips should be a part of our hobby.  If one 
has something commercially viable, go ahead and advertise 
commercially, patent it, or whatever, but not on here...

And I'm going to tell you a story that happened to me ~1965...I was 
stationed at the Naval Air Station, St. Simons Is. GA, and discovered 
plans for a cubical quad...I think it was devised at some high 
altitude in South America to keep corona from burning the ends of 
other designs....

There were adequate plans available, probably got mine from some ARRL 
pub, and it was for  10,15 and 20 meters.... The spacing was a 
compromise for the three bands, so I got two four blade car fans, 
bent them, put them on either end of the boom, and got near the ideal 
reflector spacing for all three bands...It worked very well, and 
needed no  matching of any kind.

Just about every time I got on the air, this ham in Chicago, would 
join us, and kept asking details about the antenna, so, of course, I 
gave him all the info he requested...
I was very pleased that he was that impressed, so I was happy he was 

I got transferred to the Naval Air Station Alameda, CA, and about two 
or three months after I got there I saw an ad in QST for aluminum 
cast spiders with the identical angles that I had bent my 4 blade car 
fans!!!!  Advertised by the same ham I had talked to in GA!!

So, worth anything or not, all the junk I devise goes on my 
website...Not to lay claim or anything of the sort...

I hope the guy in Chicago was successful, but if he was, I never 
heard anything about it!

At least two of us won't promote these jerks!!

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....

               Pulling for P3E... 

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