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Possibly !!!.

When I first lanced my greyline "theory" last week to try to explain some of the anomolies we're experiencing on AO-7 mode-B lately while it dragged itself along ther greyline, I was fully expecting to be publicly flogged at the very least, possibly lined up against the nearest wall and shot but at the very least ridiculed and hung out to dry.

Imagine my surprise therefore when several stations actually agreed that this "theory" was a possibility ... my main point ... (in the original mail) ... was that the greyline is actually *NOT* a flat line on the globe to make HF software look good.

(For the "stick-in-the muds", these ovservations are, like the originals that were published in Oscar News and The Amsat Journal, very much "tongue-in-cheek" ... with attempt at making an otherwise boring subject paletable to the potential newcomer ... or ... to alleviate some of the pomposity sometimes found in 'technical' organisations ... yes, I know, the regulars have heard asll this before ... but hopefully, Amsat can still pull in an odd recruit or three.

Long time readers of the original 'Observations from Norway' ... (pre-internet) ... will recall that I always professed to having two (2) activer braincells and that my partner-in-crime, the illustrious GM1SXX ... (hereafter known as "The twisted Pair" ... had three.

However, judging by his latest missive ... (below) ... he now only has two but hey! that's still 1200% more than me since my two have deteriorated to one.

This makes sed GM1SXX 300% ... (you work it out) ... more coherent than I .,.. therefore, I invite ya'll to read GM1SXX's  ramblings rather than my own ... (see below).

Anyone being a "sucker" for punishment may peruse our webpage at <http://www.observations.bix>

I hope this will appease those gentlemen ... (old timers all) ... who requested more of the same.

To the stick-in-the-muds, I profoundly apologise ... though I believe I'm *NOT* treading on anyones toes since the bb professes to be in the land of the free.

I can thoroughly recommend that newcomers read Commander John Brennegan's 'SATGEN' bulletins, archived on our *Observations* site, curtesy of GM1SXX.

With respect.

73 John.   



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