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Re: Mode-C ?

        You're absolutely right ... the satellite *DID* start in mode-C but changed to mode-B when it came further into the sunlight ... the satellite has been running along the grey line at certain times on certain passes ... not really in eclipse and not completely in sunlight.

This of course affects the transponder.

I *PURPOSELY*  made my own entries as mode-B yesterday so as not to completely confuse the newcomer in case he or she has been reading some of the comments on the various pages regarding AO-7 eclipse and modes information.

To understand what is going on with AO-7 one has to read the *ENTIRE* history ... and most people don't do that ... they just assume that if "Joe Bloggs" says  it's so and so ... it *MUST* be true ... (which it more often than not isn't!).

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From: sv1bsx@yahoo.gr
To: la2qaa@amsat.org
Subject: Fw: Mode-C ?
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2007 21:23:10 +0300

John, forget it.   I have already 
corrected it to Mode-B. 
 It should be very  big puzzle if we 
starting Mode-B & C.
 BTW Mika he didn't entry me on Log, I 
don't know why, the QSO was completed... I deleted also him !
However also the next pass  was very weak. 
Difficult to copy myself on CW.
73, Mak
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From: SV1BSX 
Sent: Sunday, October 07, 2007 20:11
Subject: Mode-C ?

  Hi John,
 today afternoon during the usual AO-7's 
"good" pass for me, over W.Asia - E.Europe, I was wondering where is the 
Nothing till 25 deg. Elevation, but after 
a carefully listening on Downlink I heard my CQ-CQ signal,  very-very 
After 2-3 mins, Mika OH8MBN he answered me. 
For first time it was difficult to copy both signals (Mika's and 
A very strange ECHO also took place, it was also 
very difficult the Zero-Beat.
BTW I didn't hear any other on this 
 If my receiver and my antenna are both in 
good shape, I wonder: was it  "Mode-C" ?
 My entry in Emily's LOg is as Mode-C. If I am 
wrong, please correct it.
73, Mak
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