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Re: Need help with sat tracking software


>>Am I doing something wrong?

Probably.  :)

There are basically 3 variables:  Keps, QTH, Time.

You have updated the keps, which pretty much eliminates that.  However, you
may be actually using old default keps.  This can happen with some programs
depending on how you configure the source files.  Use the keps edit function
of each program to check the reference date and time.

Most likely, you have the wrong QTH in one or both programs.  Given the
various possible formats, including whether you use N/S or +/-, for
instance, this is easy to do.  For graphics programs, there should be a mark
at your QTH.

As for time, make certain that both programs are set to display in the same
time.  That is, local vs. UTC.  Of course if the QTH is wrong, the time will
be wrong.

Ed, in 20+ years, I have managed to make all these mistakes and more
repeatedly, so I am not poking fun at you!!  My own solution is to spend a
few bucks and get a copy of Instantrack from AMSAT.  It is a bulletproof
program, easy to configure, and easy to check whether you are using the keps
you think you are.  It doesn't work well in real time mode within Windows
because of RT clock issues, but it works fine for pass prediction, and
allows you to break the tie between the other two programs.

Good luck,


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