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Re: Keep It Simple Silly

Even as a proponent for SDR (and an SDR "user"), the lingering thought
in my mind regarding SDX in space is survivability.

There is no flight heritage (yet) for an SDX in space, and there is
quite a bit of complexity with regards to software and integrated
components (ADCs, DACs, FPGAs, CPUs, etc.).

But these problems plague analong XPNDRs as well....with the right
selection of components, de-rating of components, and rad-hardened
when feasible, chances for success increase.



On 9/30/07, David B. Toth <ve3gyq@amsat.org> wrote:
> Patrick: it is too bad that you were unable to join us here in
> Hartford, CT this weekend for the TAPR-ARRL DCC ...
> There were many presentations on SDR, some by AMSAT personnel ...
> The hardware does not GET any simpler than in SDX ... the HUGE
> advantage is that a component with a shifting value (such as might
> occur in a spacecraft with wide temperature swings) does not degrade
> the performance/optimization of a device, because if the hardware
> does age/shift, then that can be compensated for in software ...
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