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Re: how about an amsat moon mission?

> we need to find the schematics for AO-13 ...
> and build the same transponers [for the moon]
> We need to keep it simple, none of this 
> digital radio stuff,...
> A digital system would take 10 years and 10 million ...

As another one of the old legacy system believers, I have to admit, that I am finally seeing the light, and beginning to come around to believe in the new wave that the software defined radio -is- the way to go.

After seeing the AMSAT crowd rave about it, and then seeing the one they are building for SUITSAT here at DCC, and seeing that they are producing them in quantity and copies can fly in something as small as a 4" cubesat, I am now convinced that -it-is-done.  It is available now.  AND it is much more reliable.  WIthout analog components that can drift and need critical alignment, the SDR transponder is the only way to go.

Sure there is internal complexity, but to every ham, it looks like just an AO13 transponder too.  People use their PC's and USB drives and IPODS everyday as appliances, yet they contain unbelievable technology not even dreamed of a few years ago.  Same thing here.  It is the way to implement the basic AMSAT transponder, while to the users, it works the same as the old one.

Like I say, I am now a believer too.

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