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Packet Sats

Sil, et al:

Thank you for the help.  I see that a terminal program was necessary to
UPLINK.  Got it.  I downloaded the UISS, and it seems VERY user friendly.

I am actually excited to try this mode.  I have noticed, as least as far as
the ISS is concerned, that the signal is exceptionally strong for a
"satellite".  Even when I'm off frequency a bit, Packet Engine Pro can still
copy the downlink.

Finally, I just want to pass along my experience this morning.  I wake up
every morning at 0600 EST.  As I was walking (rather...hobbling) down my
stairs, I heard Orbitron give the beep-tone...letting me know that a sat was
near.  So, I sat in my chair, and turned the Vista Machine's monitor on.
And...it was the ISS.  Coming for an ALMOST 90 degree pass.  So...hooked up
the audio cable to the headphone jack....and copied the packet bursts.  At
almost 90....I ran outside, and I could see it fly across the sky, as the
sun was coming up.

THAT was really cool.  Makes me proud that I have tried something new in Ham
Radio that is SO MUCH fun.

73s all.



John Marranca, Jr
PBX Technician/Shop Steward CWA Local 1122
BN Systems, Inc
Orchard Park, NY
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