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Re: Packet Sats. Need help.


I may have misunderstood your question, so please don't be offended if I 
  tell you something you already know.

You say you are using Packet Engine Pro, but don't say which terminal 
program you are using with it.

The AGW Packet engine, written by SV2AGW, and is just that - a packet 
engine. You need a terminal program as to talk to the engine and supply 
the data to be transmitted.

For the ISS, a great piece of terminal software is UISS. It runs great 
with the AGW packet engine.

UISS is written by OM6MU and you can down load a copy as long as you 
send him a card (cardware). You can find it at:


SV2AGW also has a terminal program you can use with his packet engine. 
And of course UIView works with the engine too. Others as well, I'm sure.

Best Wishes,


John Marranca, Jr wrote:
> Hello all.  I have been dabbling a bit with the Packet aboard the ISS.  I
> was able to copy the downlinks for the past few days.  BUT...what I don't
> understand is using Packet Engine Pro and my Athlon, how do I setup to
> transmit?  I can't seem to find any place in the program to enter text, my
> callsign, etc.
> What else do I need to know???
> Thanks
> John KB2HSH

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