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Lessons Learned in my first week of Sat work

Monday the 17th:
 Took Kenwood D7 H/T ,compass and arrow antenna out into a 10 acre
field  and waited for an AO-51 pass.....it was right where it was
supposed to be and I was able to follow it with no problem.....heard
QSO's for most of the pass....had somewhat of a sound similar to
sideband transmissions.I'm excited.....just a week before I thought I
would need a digital compass and inclination meter to pinpoint the
bird all through the pass :)

Tuesday the 18th:

Went out again and thought I would try to make a contact
myself.....tracked  the bird ok threw out my call and grid square but
never heard myself in the downlink.......after the pass I get on a
local repeater with the same H/T and the guys say I'm having a hard
time getting into the repeater.......I don't usually use the Kenwood
for voice...its primarily my portable APRS radio......I've known since
day one it didnt have the "range" my Yaesu H/T's did.....

Wednesday the 19th

I decide to check the power output on the Kenwood H/T.....1 watt on
high on VHF...5-7 watts on UHF depending on battery or external
power......Now I'm  thinking  this explains a lot....I bet the VHF was
bad all along.....I'm just amazed how well it had worked for APRS the
past few months with 1 watt.

Thursday the 20th

I use the Kenwood to receive on UHF and a Yaesu VX-170 to transmit on
VHF.....bypass the duplever on the Arrow antenna but I just couldnt
point the antenna hold both ht's....the mike cord....headphone cable
and coax from both radios were more than a handfull :)

Friday the 20th

I set up on a camera tripod.....got the wire jungle a little more
under control and was able to hear myself in the downlink.....no one
came back to me....there were a lot of stations in the mix......

Cant wait to get the Kenwood D-7 back.....I think its gonna be a lot
easier to get a contact under my belt with just one radio to contend
with.......But all that said I'M EXCITED......Hearing my own voice in
the downlink just proved that it can be done !!!!!!!!!



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I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn
how to do it.
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