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Re: DFing Terrestrial QRM

At 08:10 AM 9/22/2007, Robert Bruninga wrote:

>It is subtle.  In fact, a lot of this signal strength tracking
>is really by ear.  Just listening to aggregate of the degree of
>quieting and the rise and fall of the background FM noise.  The
>S meter just gives a benchmark now and then.

I actually did test it in situations where I knew the source, and got 
the wrong result.

>When walking with the HT, I periodically stop and with the HT
>held tightly to chest, do a perroiette (I have no clue how to
>spell a french dancing maneuver)...  Lets call it a spin in
>place.  My ear hears the subtle peaks in the back ground noise.
>The direction of my back on those subtle and narrow noise level
>peaks is generally the direction to go next.

I see, might give it another try. :)

>Or something like that.  Doing this in a field of 8 foot tall
>corn with razor sharp leaves and a sunburn tends to make one not
>want to go in the wrong direction for too long.  (Finding a
>downed balloon)...

Hehe, I usually have a sniffer on hand.  Being an ARDFer helps. ;)

73 de VK3JED

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