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FW: GO-32, APRS, D700 and WinPack and more

The GO32 header/beacon now shows uplink frequencies for the new modes.
Thanks to ground control for this update and reminder for those of use using
multiple modes on.    

WinPack Users:  See the SCRIPT folder under \WINPACK or wherever you
installed the program for a script TM-D700.TXT    For GO-32, this file
requires some editing; specifically "SEND UNPROTO change this from the
variable $BBS to APRS VIA 4XTECH etc ", "SEND HB 9600", "SEND MYCALL change
it from the variable $MYCALL to your hardcoded call" , and at the end you
could optionally add "SEND CONV"

You can also add 2 lines to the top of the script  "HOTKEY F?" where ? is an
unused F-Key in your WinPack scripts and a second line similar to "TITLE
GO-32 APRS" so that you can initialize your TNC with a single F-Key.

Perhaps someone using the D7 could post their working script for WinPack.

...  from an olde packet user from the '80's who as found a new use for the
olde MFJ1270C with the 9600 daughter board.  Just dusted it off and it works
great with the FT-847 and WISP32 too.  See y'all on GO-32

... Enjoy and
73, Alan VE4YZ
AMSAT 35968

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