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Re: GO-32 and APRS working!


Have you been able to get the 145.930 APRS position working? What would be
the setup for a non_D700. I seem to have a hard time getting my position
data starting with 1 to 7 using UISS on the PC.  

Text messaging on 145.850 through GO-32 is working beautiful. Thanks to all
the folks that made it work. I hope I have someone to chat with on the next
pass (yes, non-interfering and within reason). Never had a "live" digital
QSO on GO-32.

73, Stefan 

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> APRS is working on GO-32. 
> Saw W3ADO sending text messages. 
> ................................................
> "Fm W3ADO to APRS via 4XTECH* <ui pid=F0 LEN=40 > [18:27:41]
> > hello world.  Bob just typing away...
> ...............................................

I just left the receiver on the 435.230 (which is +5Khz) downlink and heard
the satellite out over the Atlantic.  SO I used HYPERTERM and just typed
away..  With my OSCAR array and no one else logged on, I got nearly 100%
digipeats of everything I typed.  This was using the D700 in packet mode.

I also noticed that I could copy to the end of the pass while still being
tuned 5 KHz high right on the published center frequency.  Makes me think
the satellite might actually be a few KHz higher than published?

Also, since GO-32 is in "PTT" mode, meaning it does not keep the TX on all
the time, this means there is a key-up delay for APRS UI packets.  This is
GREAT news compared to APRS via ECHO.  This delay means there is no problem
for the D700 or D7 users in seeing their own packets digipeated.

On ECHO, being full duplex and always on, the turn around on the satellite
was faster than the TNC in the D7 or D700, so you could usually not see your
own packets.

NOTE:  Non APRS users, who want to "chat" in dumb terminal mode, can use the
simplest APRS format to make sure all the mobiles and HT's can see them.
That is, preceed each message line with the ">" character.  SO typing this:

>Hello world...

Will display nicely on the D7 and D700 radio front panels.  But they will
only see the first 20 bytes on the D7 and only the first 28 bytes on the
D700.  But usually keyboard contacts are short anyway..  Oh, and be sure
your TNC UNPROTO is set to UNPROTO APRS VIA 4XTECH, and 9600 baud of

Bob, Wb4APR

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