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Re: New Preamp


As a big proponent of preamps, I of course agree with you.  :)  There is no
question that a highly optimized commercial use radio is probably as good as
it gets with respect to front end NF and gain at the antenna connector.
However, that describes virtually NO rig used by typical amateurs.  Even
purpose-built rigs like the FT-847, IC-970, TS-2000, etc, have significant
tradeoffs not necessary in more expensive and focused commercial use

And for every one of these rigs, how many people are operating with
equipment which was not designed with satellite ops in mind?  For instance
an HT is designed for a strong signal environment, and the specs show that.
It is well designed for its purpose, which is not the way we use them on
AO-51, etc.  Or an FT-817, FT-897, or similar which many use as part of
their station?  

And of course, putting that quality preamp at the mast, ahead of all the
cable losses, is a whole other issue.  Even a mediocre preamp will help a
mediocre radio, but fortunately there are some decent preamps these days
which compensate nicely for the tradeoffs and limitations.



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