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Re: LoTW: grid squares

But you are quoting the rules for contests. Rules for awards are different. Specifically, the rules for VUCC say:

"Stations who claim to operate from more than one grid locator simultaneously (such as from the intersection of 4 grid locators) must be physically present in more than one locator to give multiple locator credit with a single contact...Operators of such stations should be prepared to provide some evidence of meeting this test if called upon to do so. Multiple QSL cards are not required. GPS readings are acceptable."

John said he's adhered to these rules. The problem is that LoTW is not built to the same set of rules. It's probably tailored more to WAS and DXCC.

I think John's solution is probably to create duplicate QSOs for those cases, with each QSO replicated in each grid square. Although the VUCC rules say that multiple QSLs are not required, LoTW seems to force him to do it that way.


> John Mock KD6PAG wrote:
> > I have a similar issue with grid squares.  I've been careful to adhere to
> > the VUCC rules on operating on grid square boundaries (and often taken
> > photographs to provide additional documentation).  However, those who have
> > received my QSL cards will note that LoTW is not checked on those cards.
> > 
> > It seems that LoTW insists that grid squares be four or six characters
> > long.  So, how would i denote my operations from 38N0'0.00 118W0'0.00
> > (DM07/08/17/18)?  Can anyone help me out on this one?  
> ARRL Rules for Contests on Bands Above 50 MHz say:
> "1.11.A station located precisely on a dividing line between grid
>   squares must select only one as the location for exchange purposes.
>   A different grid-square multiplier cannot be given without moving the
>   complete station (including antennas) at least 100 meters."
> So, in the case of a grid corner, you can pick any one of the 4 grids in 
> the corner, but you have to move the whole station to count a QSO in any 
> of the 3 other adjoining grids.  Same thing for a grid line, only 2 
> grids instead of 4 are involved.
> I seem to recall that there was an AMSAT rule that was different, 
> allowing a QSO at an exact grid corner to count for all 4 grids, and a 
> QSO at an exact grid line to count for both grids, but I can't seem to 
> locate that rule to see exactly when it applies...
> 73 de WØJT
> AMSAT-NA LM#2292

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