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Todays ISS Voice pass Sept 12 14:59 today.

ISS Amateur Radio Status: September 12, 2007
By Miles Mann WF1F,

MAREX-MG News	www.marexmg.org

Manned Amateur Radio Experiment

International Space Station, Voice link, September 12,
2007 Wednesday
Starting at 14:59 UTC
Ending approximately at 15:09 UTC

For the next few weeks the crew of the International
Space Station will be treating Short-Wave-Listeners
and Amateur radio operators to live down links from
ISS via the Amateur Radio station on ISS.  The crew
will be conducting Weekly radio links to schools in
North America.  Everyone is invited to listen to the
down links.

See Path below

This week Short-wave-Listeners and amateur radio
operators will be able to listen to the ISS via
amateur radio directly.  Listeners living within 500+
miles of one of the cities below should be able to
hear the signals directly with a simple scanner or
other VHF receiver (an outside antenna is recommended
0 dBd gain or better).  ISS will be transmitting on
145.800 FM (5 kHz deviation).  You will only be able
to here one side of the conversation, since the school
will be transmitting on an undisclosed uplink
frequency (VHF or UHF).

If you do not have a tracking program, here is a live
link to NASA that will show you where ISS is located.


Tips on listening:

Link to Audio files from Previous school schedules. 
All files recorded directly off the air via a public
Amateur Radio down link frequency.

Current ISS Crew Members as of  August 2007

The new crew #15 consist of:
Commander Fyodor Yurchikhin 
Flight Engineer Oleg Kotov 
Flight Engineer Clay Anderson

Times listed in Boston Mass EDT

edt Date  Time Azim/Elev  Distance Direction  Nearest
12Sep2007 1101  303/   0   84.5 km  ENE  of  Winnipeg,
12Sep2007 1102  303/   2   86.5 km  East of  Kenora,
12Sep2007 1102  303/   4  120.3 km  WNW  of  Thunder
Bay, ON
12Sep2007 1103  303/   7  112.5 km  East of  Thunder
Bay, ON
12Sep2007 1103  303/  10  245.2 km  SSE  of  Longlac,
12Sep2007 1104  303/  14  135.8 km  WNW  of  Sudbury,
12Sep2007 1104  303/  19   75.4 km  ESE  of  Sudbury,
12Sep2007 1105  303/  27  150.8 km   NW  of  Kingston,
12Sep2007 1105  303/  40   80.0 km  East of  Kingston,
12Sep2007 1106  301/  61   69.6 km   NE  of  Troy, NY
12Sep2007 1106  141/  85   11.3 km  West of 
Braintree, MA
12Sep2007 1107  127/  54  165.1 km  ESE  of  New
Bedford, MA
12Sep2007 1107  126/  35  372.4 km  ESE  of  New
Bedford, MA
12Sep2007 1108  125/  24  565.2 km South of  Yarmouth,
12Sep2007 1108  125/  17  606.6 km  NNE  of  Hamilton,
12Sep2007 1109  125/  13  543.2 km   NE  of  Hamilton,
12Sep2007 1109  125/   9  556.8 km  ENE  of  Hamilton,
12Sep2007 1110  125/   6  642.4 km  ENE  of  Hamilton,
12Sep2007 1110  125/   3  776.6 km  East of  Hamilton,
12Sep2007 1111  125/   1  938.6 km  East of  Hamilton,
--------------------------------end of
 Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 10:55:36 -0500 
From: "Ransom, Kenneth G. (JSC-OC)[BAR]"   
Subject: [sarex] ARISS event - King Academy, Mount
Clemens, Michigan USA 

> M.L. King Academy (formerly Alexander Macomb
Academy),  Mount Clemens, MI, 
> direct via N8LC  
> Wed 2007-09-12 14:59 UTC 31  deg   Note date change!
« Watch for simulcast coverage on  Echolink, IRLP,
and audio streaming.

An International Space Station Expedition 15 ARISS
school contact has
been planned with participants at King Academy in
Mount Clemens,

The contact will be a direct between stations NA1SS
and N8LC. The
contact should be audible in most of eastern North
America. Interested
parties are invited to listen in on the 145.80 MHz
downlink. In
addition, the audio should be available via IRLP and
EchoLink. The
participants are expected to conduct the conversation
in English. 

Mt. Clemens Michigan is located northeast of Detroit,
and is the county
seat of Macomb County. Located along the picturesque
Clinton River, it
is approximately five miles west of Lake Saint Clair.
As of the most
recent census, there were nearly 18,000 people living
in Mount Clemens.
Originally settled in 1818, Mount Clemens was widely
known in the early
20th century for its pungent and therapeutic mineral
baths. The Mount
Clemens Historical Society maintains the "Crocker
House" as a museum to
early life in Mt. Clemens.   With a vibrant downtown
and many county
offices, Mount Clemens is a busy place and a great
place to raise a
family.  We are the home of Mount Clemens Regional
Medical Center, E.
du Pont de Nemours and Company and nearby Selfridge
Air National Guard

King Academy of Year-Round Education is one of three
elementary schools
under the jurisdiction of Mount Clemens Community
Schools. As the only
Year-Round school in the district our students attend
school nearly
eight hours per day and 199 days per school year.  We
educate over
hundred students in grades kindergarten through fifth
and are a Title I
and Michigan Integrated Behavior and Learning Support
(MiBLSi) school.  We integrate Positive Behavior
Support (PBS) together
with data collection, analysis and multiple research
based learning
strategies to educate our students.  Under our former
name (Alexander
Macomb Academy) we were recognized  by the Middle
Cities Education
Association by being awarded the "Robert and Patricia
Muth Excellence
Leadership" award in 2005, and the National
Association for Year-Round
Education's "School of Merit" in 2006.  We continue
these award winning
programs at our new location for 2007-2008 - King
Academy of Year-Round
Education. This event should be available via webcast

Participants will ask as many of the following
questions as time

1. How do you get fresh water in space?
2. How long did it take you to get up to the space
3. How do you eat?  Does the food fly around?
4. What is your job on the ISS?
5. How do you entertain yourself?  What do you play
with when you have
free time?
6. Is it tough to sleep in space?  Do you have to
strap yourself down?
7. What is the temperature in space?
8. How do you eat your food?  Do you eat together?  Do
you eat sitting
9. How do you train to be an astronaut and how long
does it take?
10. Have you seen any different creatures in space?
11. How do you get exercise in space?
12. Have you taken a space walk? What was it like?
13. How do you write to a friend?
14. How do you wash up?
15. When you are floating do you get caught up in
16. What kind of shoes do you wear in space?
17. When you are in space do you see how the Earth
18. Is it fun in space when you are weightless?
19. Do certain people speak Chinese or Russian or
Japanese or other
languages on the ISS?
20. Do you have a hard time putting on your clothes in
21. Do you have a certain time to go to sleep?
22. What do you do in your free time?
23. What do you do if you get sick?
24. How do you stay mentally healthy?	

Information about the next scheduled ARISS contact can
be found at
http://www.rac.ca/ariss/upcoming.htm#NextContact  . 

Next planned event(s): 
Westbrook Intermediate, Friendswood, Texas USA, Fri
2007-09-14 18:40:52

ARISS is an international educational outreach program
partnering the
participating space agencies, NASA, Russian Space
Agency, ESA, CNES,
JAXA, and CSA, with the AMSAT and IARU organizations
from participating

ARISS offers an opportunity for students to experience
the excitement
Amateur Radio by talking directly with crewmembers
on-board the
International Space Station. Teachers, parents and
communities see,
first hand, how Amateur Radio and crewmembers on ISS
can energize
youngsters' interest in science, technology, and
learning. Further
information on the ARISS program is available on the
http://www.rac.ca/ariss   (graciously hosted by the
Radio Amateurs of

Thank you & 73,
Kenneth - N5VHO 


Pictures of the Amateur Radio station on the
International Space Station.


Slow Scan TV:
The Marex Slow Scan TV project, SpaceCam1 was
activated for a few weeks last August using a Borrowed
Laptop.  The amateur radio projects still do not have
a dedicated laptop for the projects and there are no
laptops scheduled for flight to be used for Amateur
Radio usage on ISS in the foreseeable future. 


Marex Future Project Proposals:
Marex is working on keeping ISS accessible and
affordable by keeping it on the air.  We have
submitted proposals for a new packet system, which has
been initially approved.  We are also working on other
proposals, including proposals to replace most of the
aging hardware with new state-of-the-art hardware

David Clark: (www.davidclark.com)
Manufacturers commercial grade Headsets for quite
listening while using the Amateur Radio station.

DCI RF filters (www.dci.ca)
Custom designed RF filters to reduce interference to
the Amateur Radio stations (Just think of the range
you get when you put your antenna 240 miles up,
that¡¦s 1500 miles to the horizon.  You also can hear
a lot of interference too.)

Radio Mailbox:  Kantronics KPC-9612 data modem with
built in Mailbox that allows Amateur radio stations to
send and receive messages via the ISS mail box.

 The goal is to keep it simple and kept it on the air.
 Your support is always welcome.

School Schedules:
If you want to listen to ISS school schedules on the
145.800, then you should check the ARISS web page to
seen when the next time ISS will be on the air in your
part of the world.  Listeners are encouraged to tune
in and listing to the ARISS School down links.

Information about the next scheduled ARISS contact can
be found at
http://www.rac.ca/ariss/upcoming.htm#NextContact .

Marexmg Web page

ARISS Web page and other great Space projects

73 Miles WF1F MAREX-MG

Until we meet again


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