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ARISS on APRS packet


During the last two ISS passes (1430z and 1600z), The ARISS
system was enabled for APRS digipeating on 145.825 using the
path of "VIA ARISS".


This is good news, since PCSAT-1 should enter a FULL SUN
OPERATING PERIOD later this week.  If so, then we may have a
period of a few weeks here when we will have THREE APRS
satellites flying in constellation. ISS, PCSAT-1, and ANDE.

This will assure over 18 passes per day.  And since they all
respond to the same path "VIA ARISS" then which satellite is in
view is transparent to the user.  Just communicate!  Of course,
two-hop paths via ARISS,ARISS might also be possible..

IGATES on 145.825!

In order for the global APRS internet system to capture all
these packets, we do need volunteer ground stations to place an
IGATE to monitor all packets on 145.825 MHz downlinks.  In many
cases, a simple OMNI antenna connected to APRS is all that is

See successes on http://www.ariss.net or http://pcsat.aprs.org

P.S.  We are also working on getting GO-32 enabled for APRS
operation at 9600 baud.  But since it uses different uplink and
downlink fequencies, it cannot be used for
multiple-APRS-satellite operations.

Bruninga, WB4APR

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