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Re: Ft-847

On 8 Sep 2007 at 12:29, Don Blachura wrote:

> This is  a little off subject . Need a little help.....
>  Have been using a FT847 in PSK31 through a 
> Rigblaster plus. The rig
> Transmits in CW with the paddles and the internal keyer. Also works CW
> The same without the keyer. When running USB PSK31 through the
> Rigblaster the rig works without any problems. Taking the PSK31 cabling
> Off the rig and reattaching the microphone, a MH31 hand mike, I get
> Nothing out of the rig. I rechecked all menu settings. I rehooked the
> Rigblaster back up to the FT847 and hooked the MH31 mike to the
> Ribblaster mike port. In this configuration the radio transmits in
> Sideband with no problems. On the FT847 Rig will not QSY with the buttons in
> the MH31 when it is hooked
> Directly to the FT847 but will function when it is plugged into the
> Rigblaster. Anybody have any thoughts on this, or prior experience? I
> Also tested the rig with another MH31 that works well on a FT1000D.
> Same negative results on the FT847. I also tried using an MD-100 desk
> Mic that works with the same FT1000D and tried that on the FT847 with
> Negative results. I hate to tear into this rig without having some
> Ideas as to what is going on. HELP. 
> Don...w2xb

For unknown reasons my FT-847 was starting to act strangely last week. I was 
not able to TX on 160 and 80 mtrs. I make a full microprocessor reset on the 
menu item 39 All init and all functions returned to normal. Probably the 
microprocessor became corrupted with time?

You can look also at the mic audio pin on the circuit board. I blow up the 
resistor due to probably to the application of high voltage i never trace where 
this voltage came from?

Hope you will be able to solve your problem.

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Skype VE2DWE

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