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AO-7 report 4th Sept:

Hi All,
        At 07:56 on orbit 50112 AO-7 was DEFINATELY in mode-A. The downlink 
was fluttering but this time it wasn't due to alligators. There was no-one 
else in the passband for the first 10 minutes of the pass over Europe.

I lost the satellite behind the moutains at 85 degrees Az from QTH ... (this 
is where SV1BSX usually takes over).

Presumably, the mode change occured sometime between 01:45 and 01:55 like 
the day before yesterday ... and that both the OFF and the B entry in the 
log for this morning are incorrect ...
(see my previous mail) ... it is unlikely that the mode changed twice !!! 
within 1 hour ... though it *is* theoretically possible under certain 

Again ... we need to monotor over time to get a fairly reasonable idea of 
current transponder switching.

PLEASE !! do ensure the information you enter in the log is correct ... 
thank you, it is appreciated.

73 John.   <la2qaa@amsat.org>

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