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Mast for Satellite Beams K3MH

Hi guys,

I am looking for a good telescoping mast to mount my Satellite beams on a
tool shed.  Problem is, I need extra height to clear my house and I'd like
to be able to lower it for maintenance.  A little more detail on my

I currently have my Satellite beams mounted to my chimney with a standard
configuration, ie., Yaesu AZI-ELE rotor with 9 foot fiberglass cross pole
and two 20' beams, one for 440 and other for 144.  I use a thick wall
aluminum mast using a fairly standard chimney brackets.  In the recent
storms I was reminded of how cheaply houses are built and I simply have not
been able to get good purchase into the plywood of the chimney.  

I am in the process of building a tool shed on the side of my house and
given the proximity to the house, I may not have good access to the chimney,
so I want to move it.  Problem is, I will need extra height from my tool
shed to clear the house. 

Any ideas?  What I would like is something perhaps 20-25 feet high to clear
my house, sturdy enough not to wiggle too much yet something I can lower and
be able to work on the antennas.  Up to now I had to climb on the roof
clinging to the chimney.  Not ideal as I get older..!!

Anyone who has a few moments to help me ponder this, I'll send photos.

Michael  K3MH http://amsat.org/mailman/listinfo/amsat-bb

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