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Re: Question about doppler correction software

Many thanks to all who responded. I received some great ideas on how to
improve on what's available, a couple of good references to papers, and
  some references to existing code.

I am still working on the foundation which consists of an event-driven
message bus which loads modules that then either subscribe to or trigger
particular events. It's written in C# and is running on mono, so is
effectively a multi-platform binary.

The modular architecture allows me not only to bite off a bit at a time,
but to easily support hosts with varying capabilities.

I've completed a rotator module which is successfully tracking
satellites with my GS232B. (Woohoo - that's exciting!).

I've also written a module which uses Predict as a data source, but
that's limiting me to having network access to a linux box running the
predict server.

The next two items on my to-do list are a .NET native prediction library
and simple FM tuning.

I'm considering using some code from Michael F. Henry who wrote a SxGP4
library in C# (http://www.zeptomoby.com/satellites/ - if you're not
already familiar with it). Otherwise, there's a C implementation at
http://www.sat.dundee.ac.uk/~psc/sgp4.html which most likely could be
adapted to C# fairly easily.

Tony Monteiro's code is also a great start for modeling satellite data
such that it's useful for use in tuning to the different modes available.

Thanks again.. I'll let you all know how I progress!


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