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Re: Question about doppler correction software

At 10:54 AM 8/31/2007, Scott Wilson wrote:

>I have a question regarding software doppler correction - in particular
>when using linear satellites.

Hi Scott,

I agree with everything Paul Williamson posted and
especially to read his old essay that is on the subject.

After that is all clear, you can get a huge head start
on software by reading my paper from the 1997 AMSAT-NA
Space Symposium; "An Object Oriented Approach to Automatic
Radio Tuning." It has a detailed analysis and a high-level
software design that is independent of operating system or
tracking program.

Next, you can download all of the C++ source code for a working
implementation of this (InstantTune) from the AMSAT web site at:


The source code is in the file SRC110.ZIP and there is a source code
guide in the file ITUNESRC.TXT. This software includes drivers for most
radios including "dumb" mic-button radios. The user manual is in
ITUNE110.DOC and describes the features of the software and how
to use it.

The vast majority of the source code is operating system and
tracking program independent. The hardware drivers are not needed
under LINUX or Windows and the command interface would need
to be re-written for your favorite tracking program/OS.

Note that this software is free and open source with no license
so feel free to use whatever is useful to you.

If you have any questions after looking over this stuff, please
feel free to email me.

Best of luck with your project!

Tony AA2TX

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