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OSCAR-11 Report

                    OSCAR-11 REPORT

                     31 August 2007

During the period 15 July to 31 August 2007, The satellite has remained
silent. Eclipses finished on 20 August. Previous observations indicated
that anytime after 10 August there would have been sufficient solar
power to support continuous operation.

Owing to the lack of accurate timings, it is impossible to predict when
sustained beacon operation will restart, although this is expected any day
now.  When the beacon starts it is expected to operate 10 days ON followed
by 10 days OFF.

The satellite is now in continuous sunlight, and this will continue until
14 November, when a short eclipse season starts.

I have received one reception report, from Jim G3WGM, who heard weak
signals at the end of a pass on 01 August.  Many thanks JIM.

The Beacon frequencies are -

VHF 145.826 MHz.  AFSK FM  ASCII Telemetry

UHF 435.025 MHz.  OFF

S-band 2401.5 MHz. OFF

Listeners to OSCAR-11 may be interested in visiting my website. The current
monthly bulletin contains further details of the satellite's status. If
you need to know what OSCAR-11 should sound like, there is a short audio
clip for you to hear. The website contains an archive of news & telemetry
data. It also contains details about using a soundcard or hardware
demodulators for data capture.  There is software for capturing data, and
decoding ASCII telemetry.  The URL is www.users.zetnet.co.uk/clivew/

If you place this bulletin on a terrestrial packet network, please
use the bulletin identifier $BID:U2RPT136.CWV, to prevent duplication.

73 Clive G3CWV   xxxxx@amsat.org (please replace xxxxx by g3cwv)
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