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Rad items data list Bark1009

Hello folks,
I thought I would share this information with you all.

My apologies if it is well known or mentioned previously.

I prepared the following instructions on how to obtain a list of most items 
containing radioisotopes used by the military of the west.

If anyone has any information regarding eastern items of this ilk, I would 
be most interested in.

I use this list to help scour eBay for treasure.

No doubt after I show this on several lists, I will have some competition.

Good, I've met some nice and knowledgeable folks while doing so, and made a 
few friends.

I think I should prepare a page on my website that serves as an index to 
such things for westerners.

Please enjoy Bark1009.

Dutch Ministry of Defense Publications.

At this site you will find information regarding radioactive valves and 
Their radionuclide and the activity, (NSN) Nato Stock Number and purpose of 
the device.

This site is of course in Dutch.

Go to the URL,


On the left are some blue links.
MP 10-serie
MP 35-serie
MP 40-serie
MP 43-serie
MP 51-serie
IF Bark 1009

Click on,
IF Bark 1009

Then click on section 2.2 overzicht kernmaterieel,
this will drop you down the page a bit to section 2.2.

To get the actual list index.

2.2 Overzicht kernmaterieel

Dit overzicht is hier apart opgenomen.

Click on the word,

The page below is the index for the rad information list.


It lists 4 pages of data.

Deel 1  Deze loopt tot NSN 5800
Deel 2 NSN 5800 tot 5960-00-500
Deel 3 NSN 5960-00-500 tot 6350
Deel 4 NSN 6350 en verder

These 4 pages should be copied and saved.
They may not always be available on the internet.

Below is an example of information from these pages.

5960-00-188-3533 x KM Electronenbuis 1B24 (CV725),IB24A (CV3548) TR tube, 
Westinghouse Ra-226 74
5960-00-188-3534 x KLu KM Electronenbuis 1B63A (CV2826) p/n 7R5650-005-82, 
TR tube, Microwave Ass. Co-60 18.5 CPN4, MPN11
5960-00-188-3534 x KLu KM Electronenbuis 1B63A (CV2826) TR tube, Bomac, 
Sylvania Co-60 37 CPN4, MPN11
5960-00-188-3534 x KLu KM Electronenbuis 1B63A (CV2826) TR tube, Central 
Electric, Varian Co-60 9.25 CPN4, MPN11
5960-00-188-3534 x KLu KM Electronenbuis 1B63A (CV2826) TR-tube, Metcom     
5960-00-188-3535   KM Electronenbuis OA3VR75, VR75-30 (UPX-12) Co-60 37
5960-00-188-3535   KM Electronenbuis 1B23 (A) (CV539) Bomac, Varian, Central 
Sales, Cetron, Continental, Ferranti, Nuclear Corp. (UPX-12 IFF transp.) (+ 
par. r_ntgen) Co-60 37
Kevin Forbes,

P.S. If anyone here remembers I let out a beta called MERDAT last year for 
2 NASA MER rovers on Mars, MERDAT2007 is in a BETA, no help, but does 3D 
cyan and red
anaglyphs and colour, as well as X-eye 3D and all the data for each JPG 
I would have to say that after looking at all the left eye filters 4, 5 and 
6 images the program
has made using the MER2RGB method, the sky on Mars is generally blue.

If anyones is interested in a look at it, please email me at 

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