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AO-51 - AO-7

Thanks for the many e-mails and posts on the bb.  I expected the worst, well civility is back.  They were all positive with a very little sprinkle of different tastes, not negatives.  Some gave the opinions of why they cannot move and progress, they would love to but we all have some quirks in our lives: restrictions, time, happy with what theyíre doing, simplicity of fm sats (Garie K8KFJ) and the illusive greenbacks.  So be it, itís a hobby foremost.  You probably would turn your eyes at my other hobbies - from woodworking, to gardening, to music, etc.  Ed KL7UW, thanks for the insight on AO-6; and Luc VE2DWE, how could I forget AO-40, what a gem; and yes my lips are sealed for life - wish I could.  John AA5JG says the cost of vhf equipment and the big push for hf since cw was tanked.  Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK - yes Patrick I definitely will try and to make a contact despite your working conditions being less than ideal, and it would also give me opportunity to check my receiving again.  As I said before, that is the key to being successful on sats.  There were many many additional takes from others but you get the idea.  

And last but not least, John LA2QAA, still trying to move a mountain with a shovel to be able to work the US side.  Too bad I am no longer in the position to send a truck with heavy equipment to help you.  hi hi

As many old timers said, this is a gentlemanís band, enjoy the hobby accordingly.

Amsat 3788

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