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Re: Using the Arrow ant.

On Sun, Aug 19, 2007 at 05:49:02PM -0400, tjjapha@earthlink.net wrote:
> For WB2LLP and others,
> There is a standard 1/4" bolt on the tripod that is normally used to screw
> into a camera.  The Arrow has a hole that accepts a 1/4" bolt.

It's usually hidden under the black sponge handle, so that needs to
be slid off to find that hole. It's not a real problem pushing that off
and then back in, except the diplexer is _inside_ the end of the square
tubing, one has to be careful not to damage things.

> The problem with this is that the Arrow will tip over the whole thing
> because it extends far forward and unbalances the tripod.  So, instead of

I like the other posters idea of extending the arrow with a bit of
a broom stick, you could then counter balance it nicely.

> screwing the ant onto the bolt, put a 1" threaded bushing on the bolt, and
> put a photographic C-clamp holder into the other side of the bushing.  The
> holder also has a 1/4" bolt.  Then the Arrow (or some other ant.) just gets
> center mounted in the C-clamp.  There's no apparent diminution of the
> Arrow's effectiveness.

This is a nice idea too, it means not having to slide the handle off.

> Hope this is helpful to some.  It returns at least 1 hand to use in logging!

Thanks for the tips!

- Diane VA3DB
- db@FreeBSD.org db@db.net http://www.db.net/~db
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