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Re: keps for earthbound objects

Eric Fort wrote:

At certain times I would like an automated az-el rotor run by predict to
"track" a fixed point on earth, say for instance a local mountain top.
could a set of keps be derived such that this just looks like yet 
another satellite?  How would this be done?  Is there an easier way?

Wayne W9AE replies:

SatPC32 (sorry, not a LINUX application) has a function similar to this, 
intended for terrestrial use.  It's the "standard directions" function 
in the "Rotor" menu.  It allows you to create a list of names and their 
associated azimuths.  After the list is created, go into the "Rotor" 
menu and click on the name to steer the antennas to that azimuth.  It 
doesn't support an elevation, but Erich DK1TB might be willing to make a 
custom version that stores elevations as well.

Unless your antennas have extremely narrow beamwidth, or unless you are 
extremely close to a very large mountain, you should be fine with the 
elevation fixed at the horizon.  The summit of a big mountain a few 
miles away is likely to be only 5 degrees elevation.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Oakland, Oregon, USA, CN83ik

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